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Dr. Ellsworth Grant, Hematologist/Oncologist

“I just believe as Belizeans, we need to, we take a lot from the country but we don’t give enough back. And this is just my small part in trying to give some back.”
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A New Era of Health

Dear Friends and Supporters of The Belize Cancer Center of Dangriga:

Let us reflect on how far we’ve come in our ability to treat patients with certain types of cancers in Belize. Imagine— before October 2008, patients and families agonized over access to treatment; even those who had the means to do so. For most cancer patients and families, they turned to the Belize public hospital system and often died there because access to oncology care was extremely limited for citizens of Belize.

The Belize Cancer Center Dangriga, a charitable, non-profitable organization, opened in October 2008 and was a brilliant ray of light on an otherwise dark landscape in cancer care.

Today, the Belize Cancer Center Dangriga is the only hematology-oncology center in the country. It welcomes patients from anywhere in Belize as well as those still on chemotherapy, who want to return home and continue treatment. Dr Ellsworth Grant, Dellone Pascascio and Nurse Carolyn Obi ensure the center is patient focused and family sensitive.


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